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Security Restriction

When visiting the Consular Section, everyone must take the Diplomatic Shuttle. The shuttle stop is located at Third Avenue near Quaid-e-Azam University Road, G-5 Islamabad. All applicants must require shuttle bus ticket; anyone not with shuttle ticket will not be allowed to enter the consular Section.

Friends, relatives, attorneys, or business contacts of the applicant are not advised to join interviews by consular officials of the Embassy with the applicant.

The following items are not allowed in the Embassy during your interview: mobile phones, cameras, smart watches and glasses, audio or video recording devices, laptop computers, music players, any kind of bags, brief cases, suit cases, bottles of any kind, food items, match box, lighter,etc.

There is no storage at the Embassy for prohibited items,you may leave these personal items at the shuttle station. Anyone with prohibited items will have to dispose them before entry.

Other items may be prohibited based on security staff discretion.

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