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Notice on Health Declaration Code Application for Foreign Passengers from Islamabad to China

In order to reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, the specific requirements for application of Health Declaration Code are as follows for foreign passengers :

For holders of diplomatic passport, official passport, R visa (family members included), Q visa or Chinese permanent resident ID card who are to take direct flight from Islamabad to China:

(1) Take pre-test of PCR&IgM&IgG within 14-21 days before boarding in one of the designated institutions by the Embassy.

(2) Take twice samples collection in two different designated institutions at the Chinese Embassy within 48 hours before boarding. Passengers can download the Passenger Information Form for Test in the attachment and 2 fulfilled copies will be required in the sample collection site.

(3) Time of 48 hours samples collection at the Chinese Embassy

A. Passengers taking China Southern Airlines CZ8140 should

come to the embassy 07:00 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday.

B. Passengers taking Air China CA946 should come to the

embassy 9:00 am - 11:00 am on Monday.

C. Passengers taking PIA PK854 should come to the embassy

07:00 am - 12:00 pm on Thursday.

(4) Quarantine commitment requirement

At least 14 days closed-loop quarantine before boarding should be conducted right after pretest. When applying for the health code, commitment letter or relevant certificate issued by the enterprise are required.

(5)Test reports for sample collection

For the passengers who need the samples collection test reports, please email to 2chnconsulatepak@gmail.com  and remark with full name and passport number of the passenger, please send email the same day of sample collection.

(6) Documents requirement

Please make sure that you have uploaded all the following documents for HDC code application after 48 hours samples collection:

A. Passport

B. Valid Chinese visa

C. 14-21 days pre-test report of PCR&IgM&IgG

D. Vaccination card (if vaccinated)

E. Quarantine commitment

F. Diagnosis final report (if asked to be diagnosed )

(7) Designated institutions for pre-test:

A. Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, Pakland Square, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad. Contact Numbers: Islamabad Region: 051-111000432, 0343-8530099, 0301-5488088ï¼›Rawalpindi Region: 051-111000432, 0331-5333222, 0331-6474610.

B. Global Clinical Care- Diagnostic Centre, Office 6-7, Khalid Plaza, 38-W, Block A , D-Chowk, Jinnah Avenue, G-6/3, Blue Area, Islamabad. Contact Numbers: 051-2120802-3, 0333-5730149.

C. Excel Labs Pvt Ltd., 110-Reshi building, blue area, Islamabad. Contact Numbers: 051-8311000, 0300-0506380.

This notice will be implemented from the date of inform online. From the date of implementation, the previous notifications from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan regarding the designated institutions are subject to this notification.

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