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Chinese Embassy hosts Eid-ul-Azha Festival Reception

On September 21, Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Pakistan hosted the Eid-ul-Azha festival special reception for the local overseas Uyghur Chinese. Ambassador Sun Weidong celebrated the festival with more than 50 Uyghur compatriots from overseas Chinese from Rawalpindi and Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan.

Ambassador Sun Weidong extended sincere greetings to all the guests and introduced the latest achievements of China, especially the development of Xinjiang. Ambassador Sun highly appreciated the Associations’ contribution to enhancing the ethnic unity and safeguarding the unity of the motherland. He emphasized that Chinese word “ Guo Jia” is the combination of nation and home that can never be separated. Only the nation is united, strong and prosperous, can one’s home enjoy peace and harmony. In future, the Chinese Embassy will continue to work for the well being of the overseas Chinese, care more about their lives and solve practical difficulties for them.

The representatives of the Associations sincerely appreciate the care and support from the Chinese Embassy for the Associations. They said that they are extremely proud of the prosperity of motherland and Xinjiang in particular. The overseas Uyghur Chinese has enjoyed great benefit from China-Pakistan friendship, and firmly support the righteous action taken by China and Pakistan to combat terrorism.

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