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Ambassador Yao Jing Attended Inauguration Ceremony of China-Pakistan OFC Project

On July 13th, Ambassador Yao Jing attended the inauguration ceremony of China-Pakistan Cross-Border Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) project. Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk, Chinese Military Attache Chen Wenrong and Commercial Counsellor Wang Zhihua were also present at the event.

Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk noted that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a major cooperation initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the CPEC, as a major leading project of BRI, will not only change the fate of Pakistan, but also promote regional development and reform. With the communication link established between Pakistan and China, the OFC project will accelerate Pakistan’s construction of information infrastructure and drive its development in economy and people’s livelihood with technology upgrades. While firmly supporting the construction of CPEC and maintaining all-weather strategic cooperation between two sides, Pakistan will work with China for the well-being of both peoples, and promote development and prosperity of the region.

Mr. Nasirul Mulk also said, as one of the first important projects under CPEC, OFC is completed in high quality and efficiency by technicians from both countries who have overcome dangers, difficulties and bad weather conditions with strong supports from both governments. This project will contribute to information connectivity between China and Pakistan and give momentum to the upgrading of the regional information industry.

Ambassador Yao said that the OFC project was an important achievement of President Xi’s visit to Pakistan in 2015, and the first completed digital highway between China and Pakistan, which will strengthen regional information connectivity, improve Pakistan’s communication infrastructure, and boost informational sharing and cooperation of the region. Its completion clearly revealed the mutually beneficial and win-win nature of China-Pakistan cooperation and the CPEC project. He also conveyed that China is willing to strengthen its cooperation with Pakistan by vigorously promoting the construction of CPEC and sharing the benefits of opening up and development, and thus to push forward the common progress and prosperity of the region.

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