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Ambassador Yao Jing briefed about China's Foreign Trade Policy to Rotary Club

On July 19th, Ambassador Yao Jing delivered a speech on Chinese Diplomacy and China-Pakistan relations at the invitation of Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan. He highlighted China’s foreign trade policy and exchanged ideas with Pakistani representatives.

Ambassador Yao said that China-Pakistan relations serve as a symbol of good-neighborliness and friendliness, a strong pillar to regional peace and stability, and a cooperation benchmark under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Both China and Pakistan have adhered to the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation on an equal footing for a long time. As an important leading project of BRI, CPEC has achieved marvelous fruits in the past 5 years, and thus bringing tangible benefits to Pakistani economic and social development. China will continue making Pakistan a priority in China’s neighborhood diplomacy by supporting its economic and social development and enhancing communication and coordination with Pakistan in terms of global and regional affairs.

Ambassador Yao said that countries all over the world including Pakistan are all concerned about Sino-US trade relations. The trade protectionism will damp the growth of global trade, shake the confidence of all in the world economy, jeopardize the well-being of mankind, and undermine global governance and international rules. To avoid escalation of trade frictions, China has always been putting efforts in resolving differences through dialogue and negotiation with utmost sincerity and patience. At the same time, China has the confidence and capability in protecting its legitimate interests while working together with the rest of the world in maintaining international rules and multilateral trade system. China will keep on taking multiple measures to expand imports from Pakistan, and promote cooperation between private sectors in both countries. To support Pakistan in developing export-oriented economy, China will try to optimize China-Pakistan trade structure, bringing tangible benefits to Chinese and Pakistani peoples.

Ambassador Yao also answered questions about China-Pakistan cooperation in such fields as industry, finance, and tourism etc.

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