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Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Held Reception on the 91st Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA

On the eve of July 20th, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan held a reception to celebrate the 91st Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army of China at the Marriott Hotel of Islamabad. Ambassador Yao Jing hosted the reception with all diplomats from Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee of Pakistan General Zubair Hayat attended the function as the Chief guest. Other 20 or so high-ranking military officers of Pakistani army, navy and air force also attended the reception among all dignitaries. In total, over 500 people were present at this reception, including guests from Pakistan’s political and military circles, and those from diplomatic missions in Pakistan, Chinese institutions in Pakistan and other overseas Chinese.

Major General Chen Wenrong, the Defence Attache, gave a brief introduction to the mission and development of Chinese military in the new era, elaborated on the deepening of reforms by PLA as well as enhancement of foreign exchanges and cooperation, and its outstanding contribution in maintaining world peace. He emphasized that China is engaged in realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation and building strong national defense and military forces. He noted that with fruitful results of practical military cooperation achieved, the military relations between China and Pakistan have grew closer year by year. The two countries have forged all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, and China highly values the efforts made by Pakistan in anti-terrorism and other fields. China-Pakistan brotherhood will stay evergreen despite the ever-changing international situation.

In his speech at the reception, General Zubair Hayat, on behalf of all members of Pakistani military, extended congratulations to President Xi Jinping and Chinese military and lauded the great achievements by Chinese military in deepening reforms. Then, he reiterated that Pakistan-China friendship is highly valued by Pakistani government and every political party of Pakistan. Hence, he said, with the friendship deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of Pakistani people, not only have the military relations of the two countries withstood the tests over time, but also high-level exchanges and cooperation in defense and training have progressed continuously. While expressing a heartfelt gratitude to China for its support and help for Pakistan and its military construction, he finally pledged that regardless of the changes in international and regional situations, Pakistan will firmly stand by the side of China, working together against various kinds of security challenges for mutual interests. Accordingly, Pakistani military will take necessary measures to guarantee the success of CPEC, as well as safety and security of Chinese personnel in Pakistan.

During the reception, guests watched a video displaying the spirit of Chinese military in the new era. The guests expressed congratulations on the great achievements of Chinese military and appreciations for its contribution to world peace as well, wishing that the military relations between China and Pakistan would be elevated to new heights.

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