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Ambassador Yao Jing: Epidemic won't Hinder China-Pakistan Cooperation on Belt and Road Initiative

On February 4, Ambassador Yao Jing gave another interview to Pakistani media on the fight against COVID-19.

Yao said that since the outbreak, the Chinese government has been taking the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures with a high sense of responsibility for people's health, many of which have far exceeded the requirements of the International Health Regulations, and have been praised by the WHO Director-General Dr. Tedrosfor "setting a new standard for outbreak response." Dr. Tedrossaid that President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government have attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic and quickly taken a series of effective measures to stop the spread of the disease. The strength of china's system and the effectiveness of its actions are rare in the world. The WHO and the international community highly appreciated and fully affirmed the decisive measures taken by the Chinese Government and thanked China for its great efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic. WHO does not approve of or even opposes a travel ban on China.

Yao stated that in the era of globalization, the future of countries are closely linked. In the face of public health crises, countries should work together to overcome the difficulties. We hope that the international community can understand the epidemic rationally and calmly and make a scientific and appropriate response. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some countries have expressed their understanding and support to China in various ways, and donated epidemic prevention and control materials. China will continue to work with the WHO and the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner. Unfortunately, few countries, particularly the United States, have overreacted to the epidemic in China and taken excessive measures that clearly run counter to WHO recommendations.

China and Pakistan are iron brothers with a good tradition of helping and supporting each other, Ambassador Yao said. This time, Pakistan firmly supports China's fight against the epidemic, maintains its air routes and mobilizes medical supplies throughout the country to support China. We are deeply grateful for the trust and confidence. China will continue to work closely with Pakistan to safeguard the health and safety of Pakistani citizens in China, especially in Hubei Province, and will continue to take effective measures to address their concerns and demands in a timely manner.

Yao stated that China-Pakistan cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will not be hindered by the epidemic. CPEC is a landmark project of China-Pakistan cooperation in the new era, and also an important pilot project of Belt and Road Initiative. This is a long-term project. CPEC has yielded fruitful results over the past six years, and the two sides are working hard to advance the projects under construction and discussing new projects. The Chinese government and people are firmly committed to CPEC cooperation with Pakistan, and the temporary epidemic and difficulties will not interfere with bilateral cooperation. During the Spring Festival, many Chinese construction workers stayed here to work with their Pakistani colleagues. We will take strict health quarantine measures for Chinese project personnel returning to Pakistan after the festival. China will continue to strengthen synergy and close cooperation with Pakistan to promote high-quality cooperation on CPEC and jointly work for a closer China-Pakistan community of shared future in the new era.

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