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Senate of Pakistan Passed the Resolution to Support China's Fight Against COVID-19 Epidemic

On February 10, the Senate of Pakistan unanimously passed a resolution to support China's fight against the outbreak of COVID-19. The resolution stated as follows:

The Senate of Pakistan expresses its full solidarity and support to the Government, Parliament and people of China as they combat the Corona Virus crisis with dedication, commitment and courage. The Senate also wishes to express its appreciation to the Government of China for treating Pakistani citizens, especially students in Wuhan just like their own citizens, by providing them protection and comfort. The Senate also wishes to place on record its appreciation of the leadership of President Xi Jinping, who is a great friend of Pakistan, in strongly leading what will be a very successful operation to combat, contain and finally eliminate the Corona Virus. Pakistan fully supports the counter attack on the Corona Virus launched by China and extends full cooperation to our Chinese brethren in this difficult moment of the medical and health emergency caused by the Corona Virus.

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