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Statement by Senator Mushahid Hussain, Secretary General, Pakistan Muslim League and Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Developments in Tibet

Pakistan Muslim League, representing the sentiments of the people of Pakistan wishes to express its serious concern and condemnation of the recent acts of violence in Tibet which have included loss to lives and properties at the behest of those who wish to destabilize Tibet. The Tibet autonomous region, which is an integral part of China, has seen unprecedented development and progress in recent years under the leadership of Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Government of China. However, there are elements within Tibet and the vicinity of China who do not wish to see Tibet moving forward as a stable and prosperous region. These elements encouraged by the forces of externally sponsored separatism, are now trying to destabilize Tibet and tarnish China's image prior to the opening of the historic Olympic Games in China later in the summer.

In these times, the Pakistan Muslim League would like to express solidarity with the people and the CPC by reaffirming our consistent commitment to oppose any separatism move, safeguard China's unity and promote harmony and stability in our neighboring country since that is important for the security and stability of South Asia as a whole.

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